Fire at Arthurs Skips

STATEMENT FROM AWM Statement from Arthur’s Waste Management. 29th May 2020. Thanks to a great effort by South Yorkshire Fire Service and After a difficult night we are pleased to report everyone is safe and well and we will be operational as normal later today.

Sheffield’s Brand New Wash Plant

The incredible new waste recycling wash plant in Sheffield. We have over twenty years experience in the Waste Industry and have - during that time - seen the development of a Society that is no longer content to just dispose of its waste (along with the environmental issues associated with that [...]

McDonalds looks to reduce its waste impact

James Cropper the paper specialist, has announced a trial recycling partnership with McDonald’s UK. According to Croppers, the partnership will enable paper cups used in McDonald’s restaurants across the UK to be recycled at James Cropper’s reclaimed fibre factory – turning previously non-recyclable, plastic-coated paper cups into new paper products. Richard [...]