Rubbing the Buddha’s Belly brings local Charities good luck.

Arthurs Skips MD James Hartley presented Jill Lintin with a donation cheque today. The generous donation was as a result of Jill, of Dronfield Sheffield being the 1000th customer to place a Skip Hire order on the new Arthurs Skips website. Jill received her skip hire for free, but it seems that other worldly powers were at work too.

Jill & husband John had paid out a lot of money recently for new fencing and a holiday, and that very morning on the way out, Jill rubbed the belly of the Buddha statue in their hallway, whilst asking him to send them good luck.

Just a few hours later John received a phone call from Arthurs Skips to inform him of their good fortune. Jill was amazed when returning home, and explained to her husband what she had done. Jill & John were delighted with the further gesture of a charity donation in their name, as they regularly conduct fundraising events for many local charities.

“We are thrilled to get the skip hire for free and had no idea we were the 1000th customer on the new website, as avid fundraiser’s, it’s amazing to also receive this charitable donation. Currently we are raising funds through a Fashion Show & Italian Job style event, and we will add this donation to those funds, which will be going towards Weston Park Brain Tumour Research & Support Group & Ashgate Hospice Care via Dronfield Woodhouse Evening TWG,” explains Jill


“James added, our team are delighted with the success of the new website, and it was a pleasure to provide Jill & John with the free skip hire and donation for placing our 1000th online order. We’ve made significant investment in our IT and internet systems to help customers recently and our business is growing rapidly within the South Yorkshire area. Although a small donation this time we will be looking to work more closely with local charities in the future.”


The Arthurs Skips Hire service can be reached by visiting

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